Promise Color Toning Treatment: Vibrant Tinting Meets Luxurious Hair Care

Promise Color Toning Treatment: Vibrant Tinting Meets Luxurious Hair Care

The Promise Color Toning Treatment brings a touch of flower power to your hair, along with ample moisture and nurturing care in an array of pastel, brightening, and softly warm shades.

Between salon visits, the beautiful hair color achieved through dyeing can gradually fade, or unwanted warm tones may become more pronounced. Great news! The Promise Color Toning Treatment – a tinting and conditioning hair mask – has been developed to maintain the desired shade, neutralize cool or warm tones, and subtly tint hair. It’s an excellent home care product to use between coloring sessions or to add subtle variation to your hair tone while its conditioning agents pamper your hair.

The mask’s highly moisturizing and nurturing formula leaves hair soft and easy to detangle without weighing it down. This tinting hair mask is not a permanent or direct dye but a toner, making its use effortless and safe. Depending on the shade used, hair color, and condition, the tint can gradually wash out over time. The hair masks are also perfectly suited for salon use at the washing station to finalize the coloring result.

Benefits of the Promise Color Toning Treatment hair mask:

  • Protects hair color and adds shine, extending the duration of the color between salon visits.
  • Effectively neutralizes unwanted warm hues in light shades.
  • Moisturizes, strengthens, and cares for the hair.
  • Suitable for all hair types, including fine hair, without weighing down or making hair heavy.
  • The easily spreadable formula makes the product very economical.


Starting in the spring of 2024, the products will be available in salons, ushered in by a spring-like pastel floral world and flower power. The concept encapsulates the idea of “Wear flowers in your hair”, with product names inspired by the plant kingdom.

The hair masks are designed, tested, and made in Finland, with the factory powered by solar energy. The products are exclusively available in salons. 100% vegan.

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