Same, Same but Mini! The Travel Sizes are here.

Same, Same but Mini! The Travel Sizes are here.

The Finnish Promise hair care and styling series will be complemented with five “MiniMe” products, convenient 100 ml travel size, in May 2023. The MiniMe product range is designed so that you can easily bring all the essential hair products with you on a trip or to the gym:

Promise Moisture Shampoo 100ml and Moisture Conditioner 100ml were selected as the cleansing and care product, which moisturize and nourish hair, making it easier to handle and helping to prevent hair color fading.

Promise Dry Shampoo 100ml, which was awarded as the best hair product of 2022 (MeNaiset Magazine), is the must-have product to take on a trip. Dry shampoo refreshes hair between washes and adds volume, making hair look cleaner.

Promise Volume Spray Mousse 100ml, i.e. volumizing spray foam, provides plenty of volume and flexible hold and also contains hair-nourishing ingredients. The product has received special praise for not making hair feel heavy or taking away shine, and for maintaining excellent styling ability. It works great on fine hair.

Promise Strong Hairspray 100ml, i.e. strong hair spray, helps you style and fix even the most demanding hairstyles. It is excellent for curly hairstyles and when you want to emphasize the structure of your hair. It contains moisturizing ingredients and helps protect against heat.

The Promise product range includes a total of 20 carefully selected hair care and styling products and is already available in over 800 hair salons across the country after the first few months of sales. All Promise products are developed and tested in Finland. Cleansing and care products are manufactured at Lumene’s factory in Espoo, styling products in Sweden, and waxes in Italy.

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