Sold exclusively in hair salons.

Sold exclusively in hair salons.

This is a common phrase found on hair care products. Salon hair products were originally created to serve professionals in their work. The products have been available to customers in hair salons and barbers for several decades. This has allowed consumers to care for their hair using the most suitable products and style their hair just like at the salon.

Over the past 15 years, a negative phenomenon has been manifesting, at least from hair salons’ perspective. The sale of hair salon brands has spread to department stores, chain stores, and major online stores. Major chains have convinced large importers and salon hair brands to sell professional products to them at volume discounts, which consumers can buy at campaign prices.

No hair salon will ever be able to offer the products to customers at these prices because they have to pay more for them in the first place. This means that “Sold exclusively in hair salons” becomes nothing but an empty promise.

Supermarkets rarely, if ever, offer product expertise or a haircare specialist to help you. The main reason that hair salons offer products is the hairdressers’ desire to serve you as well as possible.

We want to remind people why it pays to buy salon hair products from experts.

Here are three reasons:

  1. The right products for you. Your hairdresser can recommend the most suitable alternatives for you, your scalp and your hairstyle. Who knows what your hair needs better than your hairdresser?
  2. Get more out of the products. When you buy products directly from your hairdresser, you receive tips on how to use the products at home – also ones not shown on the product.
  3. When buying a product from a hairdresser, you support small businesses instead of conglomerates.

Recent years have been challenging for hair salons, with no relief in sight. The coming winter and its high energy prices mean that every euro counts, and certainly much more for low-income hairdressers than for the big conglomerates. Support your local hairdresser by buying home haircare products from them. You will make them happier than you can imagine.

That is why we would like to remind you to “Buy your milk from a milkman and your shampoo from a hairdresser.”

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More about promise

We at Promise Helsinki want to bring to the hair salon field transparency and a promise that is kept. Promise’s own products are sold exclusively at hair salons, which means EXCLUSIVELY at hair salons. The high-quality and attractively-priced products are already affordable to customers, doing away with the need to feverishly search for offers in online stores where you couldn’t find Promise anyway. At this very moment, Promise can be found in around 600+ hair salons, and new locations are cropping up constantly.