Life is stupid without art and cool hair is everyday art in its best form. When you support your local hairdresser, you also support yourself. Local hairdressers we salute, in professional haircare products we trust. We come from Finland prkl. We don´t promise you a rose garden, only a good hair care and styling line for a reasonable price

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We don’t promise: To make your Monday mornings any easier.

Quality for Nothing, Art for Free

What happens when passion and experience shake hands? The result is a product line that does exactly what it promises – no more, no less. The Promise hair care line is attractively priced, high quality, and at its best, inspires you to collect them all. Each package is different from the next. Together, they form a miniature art gallery.

Promise products are sold exclusively in hair salons, which means exclusively in hair salons because we believe that hair salons are not just a good place to buy hair care products but the best place to do so.

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Welcome hair professional

Promise Helsinki is the Robinhood of hair care, a new Finnish company that wants to bring the sale of hair care products back to where they belong and where they are understood – hair salons. Our motto is: Buy milk from a milkman and shampoo from a hairdresser.

Our dedicated team and distributors in the Nordics are ready to support and help you in any way we can.


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